Rule and Regulation


1. The students should arrive at the school only around five-minutes before the call-bell is rung.

2. Clean and proper School uniform is to be worn on all the school days. A student who is slovenly dressed may be sent home.
 3. The students must carry their School Diary while entering the class room, Library or attending the morning Assemblies, too. School dairy can be received from the office paying prescribed amount in case it is torn, lost or distorted.
 4. Any photograph to be attested by the authority to the school must be snapped in school uniform only.

5. At the stroke of the first long bell, all students should assemble in their respective class-rooms for attendance after which they should line up for prayer.
After the prayer they must return to their respective classes quietly in line.

6. All the students should keep their classroom and the school premises clean and tidy.

7. The students are not allowed to bring any kind of valuable like cell phones, I-pods, Mp3/4 players, cameras, transistors, precious coins, stones or any
item of jewelry like chain, rings etc. to the school. The school will not be responsible for loss of any such articles if brought by the students. Such
items will be seized by the authorities of the school if found in the premises of the school.

8. The students are expected to be disciplined in their general behaviors.
 9. Irregular attendance, habitual late-arrival, idleness, negligence in home work, disobedience and disrespect or any other reprehensible behavior towards teachers and others may be entitled dismissal from the school. Students are accountable to the school authorities for their conduct both inside and outside the school.

10. Every student must take part in all the curricular and co-curricular activities unless declared Rule & Regulation unfit or exempted by the Organizers.

11. Parents and students are advised to park their vehicles only in the parking space on their own risk.
 12. Students are neither allowed to use the school telephone without permission nor they be called to answer phone calls during hours.

13. Extra books, news papers or periodicals must not be brought to the school without prior permission of the school authorities.

14. No collection for any purpose, whatsoever, shall be made in the school without the prior permission of the coordinator/principal. Money should neither be
lent nor borrowed, nor articles be exchanged by the students among themselves.
 15. The institution does not hold responsibility for accidents and loss of items or valuables etc, although proper care is taken to prevent such occurrences.

16. All the students must extend co-operation in taking care of all the property of the school. The students should not scratch or spoil the desks, benches,
chairs nor damage any school furniture nor write or draw anything on the walls nor damage the belongings of others. Damage done

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