About Us

About Jindal Adarsh Gramya Bharti

Jindal Adarsh Gramya Bharti has completed 26th year with varies milestones. At the outset I thank almighty god for all blessing rendered to us. We have started a long journey since inception in the year 1990and grown to become Adarsh Gramya Bharti School recognized by C.G. Govt. Our commitment has been to ensure overall holistic development of our students in addition to our efforts to import best education. We also provide equal importance to extra curricular activities, self development programme, sports activity, house wise activity, scout guide, physical education and other co-curricular activity have been published in our website.

Jindal Adarsh Gramya Bharti School which began as a tiny sapling has spread its branches. We have extended devolve branches a part from Kirodimal Nagar in Raigarh & Jashpur Nagar District, providing quality education and a strong foundation to the young of our nation. It has upheld its aim of coming into existence, providing education intermingled with the talent & strived to overcome them and create capability in the young matured to fine individual well recognizing aptitude & potential for further perfection.

Aims and Objectives

An integral formation of character and personality of student.
To provide opportunities for all round development of students i.e. intellectual, physical, moral, social, aesthetic, religious, vocation etc.
Training the young people for unselfish leadership and service of the society.
The students we educate will in their adult life be able to change the oppressive structures of society by standing for justice and human rights.
To form habits of service, studiousness, piety, discipline, self-reliance trust, honesty and refinement.
To instill a positive attitude towards learning as an immediate enrichment of life and as a preparation for further education.
To orient all children individually through their educational process so that they can realize their maximum potential.
To provide instruction in the core academic areas such as Languages, Arts, Mathematics, science and Social Sciences.
Creating awareness in the students of the socio-economic needs of the country and of the less privileged in the spirit of sharing.
Creating in the students a deep sense of God and of the brotherhood of man.
To guide each child in the development of interpersonal relationships in the school, at home and in the society.
Always pray to God, "Lead us from Darkness to Light''